10 Desk and Office Themed Websites for Inspiration

10 Inspirational Website Designs Featuring “Desks from the top”

We’ve seen the desktop top-view design style around on a number of websites, mostly on blogs, craft shop websites or graphic designers’ sites.

Although they often use the same elements (coffee cups, pens, laptops, notepads and post-it notes), these designs generally differ in their placement of the desk items, and the colour and texture of the desks. We’ve collected a few examples of desk and office themed websites for inspiration.

The trend seems to have died down over the last couple of years. In quite a few of the designs we’ve sourced, we found that the websites have moved on from this design style. The style can however still be used effectively on relevant sites.


A. Antonov

This design features desk elements in the header area, and a wooden desk texture throughout the background.

Desktop Header Design Inspiration


Dann Whittaker Creative

A dark office with a single overhead lamp, perhaps? We like the dramatic lighting effect used in this design, plus the added detail of placing Dann Whittaker’s name on the pencils.

Dark Office Desk Items Design


Simple Art

In this design, the whole desk is featured along with the office chair and potted plants. Althouth the desk and the items on it make the header seem fairly busy, the design is clean and uncluttered overall.

Full Desk Top View Website Design


George Marez

A scattered design that looks very much like a section of a busy desk viewed from the top. This design could be used quite effectively for a single page CV or resume.

Scattered Office Desk Website Design


John Joubert

Homegrown talent! A South African version of the desktop design, complete with a five rand coin and ten rand note.

South African Website Design Desk Inspiration


Art Flavours

The fabric textures used in the background of this design give it more of a crafty feel. Nonetheless, the design is a great source of inspiration.
Art Flavours Desk and Fabric Design


Ciao Cimba

Also more of a crafty design, Ciao Cimba can be imagined as the desk of a seamstress and crafts artist, featuring buttons, zips, measuring tape and fabric textures.
Craft Desk Ciao Cimba


RX Monsters

If you worked in a doctor’s office, you’re likely to have a stethoscope somewhere on or near your desk. Hopefully the tablets and injection needles are stored elsewhere!

Medical or Doctors Desk From The Top


Camila Colineri

A very simple notepad design with stars adding splashes of colour to the layout.

Simple Notepad Inspired Website Design


Respiro Media

A subtle use of the desktop elements in the header and the footer, with the wooden desk texture in the background featuring more strongly. We’re not so sure about taping items to the desk though..?

Clean Wooden Desk Texture