Logo Revisited – I need your help

I need your advice!

Every so often, we need to embrace change and reinvent ourselves. I’m in the middle of redoing this website to shift the focus to my freelance work, and I want your help!

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

– Lao Tzu

Which logo do you prefer?

While preparing a new design for this website, I was torn between our current logo, and our previous logo design.

When I took the leap into fulltime freelancing in 2014, I decided to create a new logo for the Battica brand. But I came across our old logo today, and this left me perplexed and confuzzled.

I want to hear from YOU!

I like both of the designs. I’m finding it very difficult to choose, and I would like to hear from you. Below are the 2 logos, and a description on how I came to each design.

Once you’ve chosen a logo, please head over to THIS LINK to let me know your choice:CLICK HERE!!


Option 1

The concept behind this logo consists of 2 elements: 1) a cat, and 2) bat wings. But the concept has always felt a little too unclear.

Cat from front.

Cat from front.


Bat wings.

Bat wings.


“Batty Cat” is a personal name that was given to me during my student years, which evolved into “battica”. Battica not only became the name for my freelance work, but also a persona used across various channels . In attempting to depict the “batty cat” concept in a graphic format, I finally settled on the design above.



Option 2


This logo was designed on-the-fly, and came out far better than expected!

It was early 2010, the year of Soccer Fever. (South Africa would go on to host the FIFA World Cup  in June/July 2010, and I rather un-patriotically left for Thailand to get away from the sports-ball chaos!) I had found a Photoshop tutorial with new design techniques, and decided to use my freelance name as a guinea pig to experiment with these. The result was the design above, which I fell for immediately and started to use as a logo. (Unfortunately, I created this as a low-resolution Photoshop file, and have never actually had a proper high-res graphic! Quite evident from the pixelation in the image above.)

When I took the full-time leap into freelancing, I felt that I wanted something that better represented the name behind the “Battica” concept, and therefore created the design in Option 1 above. But as business grew, and the need for more services arose, I moved away from the Battica name and limitation of freelancing, and registered a company. Hence Black Crab Creative was born, to house my  full-suite website and digital marketing solution.

In the revamp process for my freelance portfolio, I feel myself drawn back to the logo above (Option 2) to be used for Battica Design.


So, I need your help…

Cast your vote!

Let me know which logo you prefer. Please click here to choose a logo on our Facebook page.