WordPress CMS

“Word-who? CM-what?!”

Leave the technical jargon to us. Once your site is ready and running, we’ll show you how to manage your own content.

Have you spotted a typo you need to fix, that slipped through your first or second round of copy checks and proofreading? No problem!

We’ll develop your website according to modern standards, then train you on an easy-to-use interface so that you will be able to edit your own website content.

You’ll be able to edit parts of your website such as:

  • Website copy
  • Images in content
  • Photo galleries
  • Scrolling/sliding images

If you really want to go all out, we’ll set you up with advanced column layouts, preset page templates, custom online store layouts, and other additional functionality.

The sky is the limit!


“Yes, my website is built in WordPress. But how do I edit it?”

So your website is already on the WordPress platform, and you want to know how to edit it yourself. Contact us for a training session.