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Friend Referral Special

Posted on Apr 30, 2014 in Blog, News, Specials

Refer a friend and get a FREE Mailchimp account setup PLUS 20% off your first newsletter design! Thanks for reading our newsletter! We have the following special offer available for you:   Refer a friend to us for their website or online marketing project. If your friend signs up for any one or more of the below: Website design & development Social media account setup (Facebook, Twitter and Google+ including designs) Social media account management package (3- or 6-month account managament) Google Adwords account management package (3- or 6-month account management) They will receive 15% discount on their project. Once their project commences, you will get: FREE once-off Mailchimp account setup 20% discount off your first email newsletter template design Please see below for Terms and Conditions on this special offer. Send us your friend’s details using the form below, or get them to contact us and let us know that you referred them. Fields marked * are required. Your Name * Your Email Address * Friend's Name * Friend's Email Address * Any additional information you can provide to help us get your friend signed up? Form verification. No robots allowed!   THE FINE PRINT Offer only applies once referred client has paid a 50% project deposit and...

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What does a website cost?

Posted on Apr 22, 2014 in Blog, News

A very common question, and one that will make most web designers and developers twitch: What does a website cost? This question ties directly into the age-old question: “How long is a piece of string?” Website costs differ depending on the level of design, development and additional marketing that may be required per site.   Professional design There are several applications and web service providers out there that can offer you a “cheap website” solution, or even a “free website”. This may be suitable for a personal site or blog, but is definitely not recommended for a company website. No matter how small your business may be, we recommend starting out with a clean and professional website. If you look the part, potential customers will be 68% more likely to believe in the success of your products and services. If your website is not designed uniquely or professionally, you stand the chance of damaging your brand. Also, if the website is not developed according to certain standards, some search engines may ban your website from displaying in their search results.   Quality over Quantity Don’t run the risk of paying more than you had originally budgeted for whilst trying to fix a website that was badly created. We offer...

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Why should you have a company blog?

Posted on Apr 17, 2014 in Blog, News

A business blog can be used as a successful communications tool, providing relevant tips and news about your products or services to potential clients. A blog allows you to post articles, photos, videos, and news that is relevant to your industry, in turn assisting in attracting potential customers that may be searching for these topics. What should you post to your business blog? A blog needs to be kept up to date on a regular basis. Take stuff from Need help in running your company blog? We provide copywriting services and blog maintenance to keep your company blog active. Contact us now, or book an appointment to discuss your business blog...

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